Secure your devices

Your computers, smartphones and tablets are targets for cybercriminals. Here is some advice which aims to reduce your exposure to their attacks.

  • Keep your systems and programs up to date

To keep the security of your smartphones, tablets, computers and software at an optimum level, it is recommended that you update them regularly, for example by activating automatic updates provided by the manufacturers

  • Only install applications originating from official sources

Installing applications from unofficial sources or stores exposes you to the risks associated with malware. This is because they are the main vectors for distributing malicious programs which may aim to misappropriate your financial assets. We therefore recommend that you only use official sources: Google Play for Android or the App Store for IOS, and that you exercise increased vigilance where access rights are requested by applications during their installation.

  • Do not deactivate security systems installed on your devices ("jailbreak")

Did you know that unblocking a smartphone or tablet poses risks? This is because it allows applications or malware to circumvent the security mechanisms installed on your devices by your providers.

  • Install security software

As a minimum, you are recommended to install an anti-virus program and a firewall on all devices allowing you to do so.

  • Incase of loss or theft

In case of loss or theft of one of your mobile devices, be sure to block access to My BPERLUX via the menu "My security".

Secure your login information

Your login details are elements which protect the access to your various accounts and online services. Here are some useful tips in order to make them more secure.



  • Choose a different password for each account 

You are advised not to use the same password to secure access to several accounts, as if it becomes compromised, all of these accounts will be in immediate danger of being accessed. In particular, we recommend that you choose a specific dedicated password to access My BPERLUX.

  • Choose a password which is hard to guess 

A password should be sufficiently complicated to prevent anybody, including those close to you, from working it out. Typically, a password should contain a mixture of small and capital letters, figures and special characters, and should not be based on first names, birthdays or dictionary words.

  • Change your passwords regularly 

Passwords should be changed regularly and as soon as the slightest doubt arises as to their confidentiality.

  • Keep an eye on your LuxTrust token

The VASCO token and the mobile app provide six-digit numbers which are valid for a limited period (One Time Password). This number, combined with your User ID will strongly authenticate your identity. They also allow each of your transactions to be validated. You are therefore recommended to keep your VASCO Token and your smartphone in a safe place.

  • Never share your login information 

Your My BPERLUX login information (User ID and OTP obtained via the VASCO Token or mobile app) are personal and confidential. They should never be revealed or shared. BPER Bank Luxembourg will never ask you for your My BPERLUX credentials by email or telephone.

  • Do not save your login information in a web browser 

Web browsers allow you to save certain items of data entered when filling in forms. You are recommended not to save your login information in this way.